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Frequently Asked Questions

Below Is a List of the questions we are most commonly asked and so we hope that you find the following Information helpful. If there are questions you may have that you  do not see an answer to listed here please feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you in any way possible.

How Long is the Rental Period?

Rental Items are a standard 1 day rental Period ( 24 Hours ). Should You need these items for longer than this we have multiple day rates, Please call us for more information and availability.

Is There A Fee to Deliver?


Yes there is a delivery charge. This fee is determined by location, logistics,and if it will fall outside of normal business hours. We will accommodate most requests if applicable , however there maybe be additional fees incurred. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Do You Set Up Rental Items?


We do offer the service for set up of items , but this is at an additional cost beyond the rental fee. Please call us for more information.




Is A deposit required?


Yes, We do require a deposit of 50% in order to reserve and place a hold on rental items.


What's Your Cancellation Policy?


· A written cancellation notice 72 hours (3 days) prior to Delivery / Install Date is required for all rental equipment. ( email is acceptable , given there has been a correspondence made to the Notice.)

· Cancellations received at least 72 hours prior will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.

· Cancellations made less than 72 hours in advance of the event will incur a 50% restocking fee.

· Cancellations and quantity adjustments requested once the items have been delivered or installed will not be refundable.

· All special order items are non-refundable.

  Changes can be made prior to the 5 business days before the date of delivery for no additional charge( Unless it is a specialty Item and may not be in  the requested time frame or may have an additional fee to obtain). Rental items can be added within the 5 business days before the date of delivery for no additional charge beyond rental cost, as long as it can be added to the truck and given the item is available.


  Please note all trucks are loaded the day before delivery.



Do I have To Wash Linen Or Rental Dishware When Returned?

No, You do not need to wash the linen or Dishware. However all linen must be returned free of any food , floral, or other miscellaneous debris. If any linen is torn, burned, or soiled beyond cleaning , a replacement fee will be charged in addition to the rental fee. Dishware,Flatware, and Glassware we also require to be free from debris and placed back in the vessel in which they were delivered. If these items are returned with any food or debris on or in them we will charge a disposal and cleaning fee in addition to the rental fee.  .


Am I responsible for Broken, Damaged or Missing Items?

Yes, The Customer is responsible for all items Listed on the invoice at all times, any loss which occurs at the customer's facility, place of event or while in their possession will be the customer's responsibility.We charge a replacement fee for all items damaged or lost.


What Sized Linen Will Fit My Table?

All Linen is ideally cut to fit specific sized tables.

We have a chart here to help you in your selection.

Please select image to enlarge.

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