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Table & Bar Rentals

This Bar is approximately 8ft L x 24" W x 42"H . This Makes any spaces transform into a natural Green Space . Bring the outdoors in!

This White Bar is available with or without Columns. The Bar with out Columns is approximately 6ft.

With Columns this bar is Approximately 10ft.

Walnut King Table / Farm Table ( 4 ft w x 8ft l )

Solid wood finished table is 4 feet wide and 8 feet long.

This table can accomodate 8 - 10 guests

Does Not Require a Linen

 This A Beautiful Solid Wood Table , 7 Feet long by 3 1/2 feet wide

Seats 6 - 8 Guests

Table Dimensions Are 30" wide by 6 feet Long

Seats  6- 8 Guests

Linen Size 90 x132 To Go To Floor

Highboy/Cocktail Table

Highboy Cocktail Tables

- 42" tall

-30"rd table top

Also Available in 36" rd top.


The 60 "round tables Seat 8 -10 Guests

Linen size to the floor for this table is a 120"rd

72" round Tables Seat 10 -12 Guests

Linen Size to the floor is 132"rd

Table Dimensions Are 30" wide by 8 Feet Long.

Seats 8-10 guests

Linen Size 90 x 156 To Go To Floor

This table is 4 feet wide by 8 feet Long and can seat 8 -10 Guests

Linen Size 108 x 156 to go to floor

60" x 60 " Square Table Seats 8 guests

Linen Size 120"sq. To go to Floor

48"rd Table Seats 6 - 8 Guests

Linen Size to floor is 108"rd

30"rd table seats 2 - 4 guests / Also available in 36"rd top seats 3 - 5 Guests

30"rd table Require a Linen Size 90"rd to go to floor

36"rd Table Requires Linen Size 96"rd to go to floor

School Room Table

These Tables are a bit slimmer than the normal Banquet tables.

This makes them Great for conferences or tighter spaces.

Available in 6 ft length by 18" width

Available in 8 ft. length by 18" width

Card Table

Folding Leg Card Table

Seats 4 Guests

Linen Size 90"sq. To go to Floor

Dock Table

These tables are great for themed events , or if you just want a unique display table or buffet.

These tables are approximately 6 ft in length

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This Table has a diameter of 25" and a max height of 36.5" , and adjusts to seating height.

This Table is solid wood and 66"rd .

This piece will make a great addition to your event.

This Custom Made White Table beautifully made and a great compliment to your event.

6 Ft Skirted Bar

6ft. Bar using an 6ft. banquet table and a 6ft. bar top. Comes with black skirt for the front.

Light Up Highboy Table

Cocktail table 42"high , with Spandex and Lights To illuminate your event

Tki Buffet / Food Station

Great Food Station for a casual Set Up or themed event

These bars are great for casual laid back events or your themed event as well.

6 Ft. Aluminum Bar w/ Spandex

This Bar Is cost effieciant and great looking. We offer several different options for spandex color as well.

It is also Light weight and easy to trasport.

Rustic Aluminum Bar

This Bar has a great look and character , that is sure to make a great addition at your event.

Barrel Bar

This Barrel Bar Is 8 ft in length and Can be used as A bar or even Buffet Table.

This is made of Beautiful Wood and makes a Great Impression on Guests, and compliments many Looks.

This bar is 8ft Long by 42" high . The mirrored bar makes an elegant , yet mondern staement at any event.

ask us about Personalization of the bar as well.

Glow Bar

This bar is 8 ft long and 42" high. It Is a Stylish Piece that can be used as either a Glow Bar or Solid white Bar, depending on your preference and event decor. Both looks are equally as stylish. 

These Tables Are 4 ft x 4 ft and are Bar Height

Seats 4- 8 guests

Can be used as a Great Display Table or Buffet

These Are Availabe in Different Colors  ( Based On availability , also need advance notice in order to get custum colors )

Surf Board Tables are able to be used at Cocktail Height or Table Height.

These are Great for Food tables or Bars , also can be used for seating as well

Roughly seats 6 guests

These semi-circular 6' serpentine wood folding tables allow flexible and unique seating arrangements for wedding, banquet and other event settings. Set these serpentine folding tables up in alternating directions for a shallow serpentine, or set them up end-to-end to form a semi-circle, half circle or full circle.

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